The Art of Numagician by Fususu
Just watch the clip then I will tell you a story...
Long time ago.. .
My mom asked me to close my eyes and imagine something, I only saw a huge universe with no single star.
My teacher asked to learn some poems by heart, I forgot all of them when the examination began.
My dad asked me to write something, I spent hours playing with the pen and wrote just a single line.
I can imagine anything with vivid pictures and draw cute things from numbers.
I'm able to memorize a long number up to 512 digits and many other hard-to-remember things.
I published a book that helped thousands of people improve not only their memory.
Everything changed when I discovered the Art of Numagician
What is a Numagician anyway? Just write down any number, eg. 20. Add some strokes to make a cute picture, eg. Super Man. That picture made from the number 20 is called a Numagician!
"After reading the book, I practiced drawing Numagicians and made my friends' eyes wide-open. There is only one word that described your book: It's AWESOME!"
~ Le Dang Khanh, a primary school student in Ha Noi City.
You might think, this drawing style will suprise any kid, but should I try it? How can it help me improve my life? Well, do you remember when you were a kid? How creative were you? What if that genius kid comes back with great ideas to help you solve your problem?
How Numagician will activate your super brain power?
Recent researches have shown that our brain has two hemipheres. The left hemiphere (left-brain for short) handles verbal information, while right-brain handles visual information. Most successful people weren't born genius, they just learned how to use their brain fully.

When you write a number down and think about it, your left-brain is busy. While trying to create a picture out of that number, your right-brain starts to work. That process not only helps you remember any number easily, but also activate your super brain power inside.
"I've conquered Pi mountain, I'm able to recall all 512 digits of Pi number. I can also remember names and acreages of all provinces in our country. That was an amazing experience!"
~ Ho Trung Hieu, a Trainer from Ho Chi Minh City.
Memorizing things is as easy as hanging clothes
Can you memorize like the reader above?

YES. YOU CAN. If we compare information with clothes, then you just need a technique to hang them onto hangers in your brain. Hey, what hangers? Do you remember some Numagicians from the begining? 10, 19, 82...

If yes, you have just got some hangers. Leave your email, and I'll send you the 40 first pages of my book that explains why and how to
ACTIVE YOUR SUPER MEMORY with these hangers.

It will take a few minutes for the email to reach, so let's the story continue...
"We all need to improve our memory and this book is a great way to help you to do this. It is an easy-to-read book with some great ideas on how to enhance your memory. I have personally started training my mind, using the principles in this book and have tested my memory with amazing results. This is a ‘must have’ book!
~ Basil Wood, TEFL Teacher and Tutor in South Africa.
Creating the lasting changes through tiny habits
Lots of self-help books give people a strong motivation to change. However, motivation is just a type of emotion, it won't last forever, so many people give up a week later. Does this happen to you?
This book is different, I included lots of tiny habits. They are actions that you can do everyday to master the technique given in the book without any (or just a little) motivation.

That is the reason why thousands of readers keep sharing this gem to their friends. Because tiny habits help them see their progress daily!
"When reading a self-help book, my problem is how to apply them in my daily life. This book has solved that perfectly. Thanks to many tiny habits that the author suggested in this book, I've learned all the English words that a students must learn during his high school years. I could never dream of this before!"
~ Vu Thi Hue, a high school student in Hai Phong City
Thank you for listening to my story!

Fususu - Nguyen Chu Nam Phuong
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Hey wait, there is one more story!
It's easy to draw a picture from number 0 to 9. However, it will take hours (even days) from you to create a Numagician from 11 to 100 (for me, it took 5 years to make Numagicians for all the number from 1 to 100). So, What you will get is not only pictures or techniques, but also years of hard work and research....
Enough of my story. Now is yours....
Get full ebook and ready to...

Make your friends or your kidssay wow when watching you draw cute things from any numbers they like.

Suprise yourself by the ability of memorizing anything you want and recall it precisely anytime by Numagician Memory System.

Understand why many people fail on building habits, and build your own habit successfully with the "ON" technique.

And write your own inspiring story better than me...

140+ pages with the best information.
Numagician Drawing Practice (PDF)

Although there are drawing exercises included in the full ebook, but many readers ask me for more. So I create this standalone 100 Drawing Practice. Moreover, you can use it as a drawing exersice for kids (6+). Surely, they will spend hours drawing, then you can be free!
120+ pages with cute Numagicians.
Numagician Drawing Clips in .Mp4

The most important key in this book is to remember those Numagicians. To help you achieve this hard part in a easy way, I created 100 Numagician drawing clips with inspirational background music. Just spend few minutes watching them daily, you will be able to use them as "hangers" in a short time.

100+ Numagician Drawing Clips.
Finally, I'm not a guy of just selling a book and leaving readers trying their best alone. This package includes free support and get free access to new Numagician Clips updates regularly.
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