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The best way to change your habit or Mr. Habi’s story...


What is the best way to change your habit? Let’s this story reveal for you the secret.

Just look at your clock. What’s time is it? Are you sure that time is accurate? If it’s not, what will you do? Do you type “What is the time” on or ask your friends? Today’s story is about a unique clock. In my opinion, it’s the most accurate clock in the world. Its name is Habi. Oh, sorry. Habi it’s the name of an old man.

what is the best way to change your habit

The best way to change your habit – Mr. Habi Story – Act 1

Habi was an old man who lived in Oumi Village. He was famous for his grumpiness. He rarely smiled but everyone respected him for his very special role. It had been 5 years since he moved to the village. Each morning, when everyone saw him walking out with his grass shears, they immediately adjusted their clocks to 7:59.

That morning, Habi was cutting the new weeds. Suddenly, a sound of chewing broke the quiet atmosphere in his garden. Sitting on the fence, there was a small red-haired boy eating an apple. The boy was looking wide-eyed at him.
What is he doing in my garden? Habi thought, and walked towards the boy. His hand gripping the grass shears.

“I… I… I came to adjust… my clock…” The boy looked at him with a pale face. His apple dropped from his hands.

Mr. Habi did not say anything. He just walked closer.

“I… I just wanted to know…” the boy said. “Why do you have to cut the weeds everyday?”

Mr. Habi suddenly stopped. He slowly put the grass shears down and waved the boy closer. It had been such a long time since anyone had asked him that question. He decided to tell the boy the whole story.

5 years ago, when Habi moved to this house, this place was a beautiful flower garden. But there were so many weeds. He decided to clear them all away, so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of the garden. It took him a whole day to finish the cutting weeds, but by the next day, the most annoying thing had happened.

New weeds had sprouted up like mushrooms after the rain. Habi did not ask anyone for help, because he did not have the time? He was very angry about the weeds sprouting, so he just got rid of them. Nowadays, the garden is full of weeds. Getting rid of the weeds became his full-time job.

“Hey, I have an idea!” the boy said. “This garden is big enough for the two of us. Why don’t you cut grass in this area, and I will grow apples on that small corner!”
“But…” Habi said.
“Let me do it! I’ll help you to cut weeds in my spare time!”
“Um… what is your name again?”
“My name is Asee!”
“Ok, Asee… Deal!”

From that moment on, people in Oumi Village had another clock. Every afternoon at 17:59, Asee, the red-haired boy came to Habi’s garden. With a watering can, he sang while watering his apple seeds.

The best way to change your habit – Mr. Habi Story – Act 2

Time passed, Mr. Habi and the boy Asee became close friends. Asee often told Habi about interesting things that had happened at school, and Mr. Habi told the boy about his failures and misery in life.

One day, while they were talking, Asee’s mother called for him to come home. Asee did not return the next day, or the day that followed. Habi felt sad, but he hesitated to leave the house.

So he just waited. Habi eventually found out that Asee had moved to another village with his family. Sadly, the apple tree still bore no fruit.

The best way to change your habit – Mr. Habi Story – Act 3

20 years later…

One sunny day, a small red-haired boy was seen running on the road towards Oumi Village. It was Resu, the first son of Asee. Asee had become a very successful business man over the years since he had left Oumi Village.

Today is Resu’s first day of his summer vacation. They had returned to visit the old man, Mr Habi. Resu was so eager to meet him, as his father had told him a lot about Mr. Habi with the big shears. They had bet each other that the weeds had grown high by now.

Time slowed down as they reached the house. The gate looked the same, except for the peeling paint. As Asee opened the gate he was surprised to see that the weeds had gone and so had the garden.

“Mr. Habi?”. Asee called, but no one responded.

He entered the house. He saw the rusty shears on the top of a cabinet. He also noticed his old watering can that he had left there on the day that his mother had called him. Many old memories returned.

“Are you asking for Mr. Habi?”

Asee turned to see who had spoken. He saw a beautiful old woman standing there. He said. “And you are…?”

“I’m Mr. Habi’s wife. You can call me Supi,” she said. “You are that red-haired boy. Aren’t you? Mr. Habi missed you so much…”

Asee was surprised to find out that the old man had been married. Seeing his son’s smile, Asee realised he had not known much about the old man.

“So where is Mr. Habi now?” Resu asked.

“He is in the garden behind the house,” Supi answered. Her eyes were brimming with tears.

Immediately, Asee ran to the garden. He wanted to see how Mr. Habi had changed. But when he got there, he was shocked. All he saw was a rock and he realised that it was where Mr. Habi had been buried.

Asee cried, not because the old man had passed away, but because balanced on the rock was a picture of Mr. Habi, smiling. That was strange to him, because Asee did not recall ever having seen Mr Habi smile.

“Hey, daddy, look around you!” Resu shouted.

Asee looked around. He had not noticed that he had been standing in an apple garden. His son was eating an fallen apple from a nearby tree. Asee realized that was his apple tree! It had grown so big.

“Mr. Habi made this garden with his own hands,” Mrs. Supi said proudly.

Asee felt happy. He suddenly noticed some words carved into the foot of the tree. It was from Habi to Asee. “Thank you Asee. Because of you, I had my first success in life. You taught me one thing: Focus on the good things, and great results will come!”

Supi then told them the whole story. After Asee had moved to the other village, the people of the village of Oumi were frustrated. They had lost their old, but accurate clock for the morning. Mr. Habi was no longer weeding at 7:59, instead he watered the apple tree in the afternoon.

But it took him several months to do it at exactly 17:59. After just a year, the apple garden grew big. And the apples were so delicious that Habi had become rich from selling them. Mr. Habi had begun to smile again. His smile was so beautiful that she had fallen in love with him.

On the way back home, the old man’s voice still repeated in Asee head. “Just focus on good things, great results will come”.

The best way to change your habit – Mr. Habi Story – The End

The End

There is a moral to this story.
Just replace Oumi with Our Mind,
Habi with Habit,
Asee with A Seed,
Resu with Result,
Supi with Surprise.
What have you learnt?

To me, the best way to change your habit, is to focus on good ones. Creating new habit will replace your old habits. What’s your opinion? Just comment!



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