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On a serious note, life is just around 29000 days on earth, and what you do in that time. Life is so simple, but many people complicated it. In the past, I was stuck with choosing what to do each day, I was stuck with complicated plans (and never completed). One day, I realized that the simpler the better, then I found a way to simplify your life in three letters.

simplify your life by bmw

If you ask me what are you planning to do today, my answer is… BMW. What is BMW? I’m not going to drive a BMW. It’s an abbreviation of three words. Also, three meaningful tasks I must do everyday to fulfil my destiny. First, I will explain my three letter, and then guide you to simplify your life by your own three letters.

My “B” is stand for “Brain Gym”

If a strong root makes a tree healthy, then a strong brain makes people happy. That’s why I do Brain Gym. activities that boost your brain strength. It might be math, memory and word games. After just one week reading “Secret of Mental Math” by Arthur Benjamin, not only I can square any two-digits numbers under 3 seconds, but also my ability to solve problems is improved.

My “M” is stand for “Meditation”

If life is an ocean and your body is a ship, then who is the captain? It’s your mind. An indecisive captain will lead the whole crew into danger. Similarly, a restless mind will bring misery to your life. Therefore, I usually practice meditation for at least 10 minutes a day. How to meditate? It’s a big topic. You can try these books or read this blog  “Vipassana Resort and 7 reasons to go”.

My “W” is stand for “Writing”

Writing, especially blogs, is not only an effective way to master your inner voice but also a simple way to make friends all around the world. Imagine strangers get benefits from your blogs, some of them might become your friend, even… your best friend. That would be an amazing experience. So just buy a domain and start blog today. (I suggest you use A2hosting, it’s the best I found).

It’s your turn to simplify your life!

From the moment I set BMW as my philosophy, the first question on my mind in the morning is “When will I do the B, M or W today?” To me, a fulfilled day is a day in which I can do all three tasks : B, M and W. That’s very simple, right? BMW might be just right for me, not for you. Therefore, try to find your three letters by these guidelines.

Step 1 to simplify your life :

List 10 tasks that you often do or you always want to do (but do not have the time). And then give them a score from 1 to 10, followed by these criteria :

Simple : if it’s simple and easy to do, give it a high score.
Likable : if it makes you happy to do it, give it a high score.
Meaningful : if it not only makes you feel good but also helps others, give it a high score.

Step 2 to simplify your life:

Choose 3 tasks in the list which have highest scores. And one keywords for each tasks for the next steps.

Step 3 to simplify your life:

Try to combine the keywords into something interesting.

As you can see, I decided that my three most valuable tasks were writing my blog, practicing meditation, and doing mental maths. I chose three keywords : Writing, Meditation, Brain Gym and turned it into an acronym (BMW). Step 3 is optional but very good if you can do it. You can read some examples below to get your own idea.

CRC – Cooking, Reading, Coding.
SMS – Studying languages, Making stuffs, Singing (not Sleeping)
WHO – Writing fiction, Hanging out with friends, Opera singing

If you find it hard to do so, there is another way. Just choose the first letter of your three keywords and make a new meaning of the abbreviation. Eg. if your tasks are Guitar, Walking, Cleaning, then the abbreviation is GWC, we can remember it by “Going to World Cup.”

Simplify your life and inspire others!

Life is simple, it’s around 29.000 days on earth, and what you do with that time. If you can make each day meaningful, you will have a meaningful life. Finally, imagine one day your children ask, “My life is so complicated. What should I do, grandpa/grand ma?” You can surprise them by answering “It’s GWC… or Going to World Cup…”

Bonus: This wonderful clip inspired me to write this blog post.


What are your three letters to simplify your life? Please comment :)



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Have a good day!
Fususu wrote 18/08/2018. Updated 17/10/2019.

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