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Memorize Pi Number – 512 Digits in 2 Weeks...

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Many people dream of conquering famous mountain such as Everest, Phanxipang… while the rest may think, “It’s not for me.” If you are the rest, let me introduce to you an interesting mountain that you can conquer it at home (even on your bed) and experience the great feeling about yourself: Pi Mountain. Well, It’s just a fancy name of the task: Memorize Pi Number.

Using Memorization Techniques to Memorize Pi Number

Am I joking? No. Many people can do it and you can do it too. So, the important question is, “Why should I memorize this long long long… number?” Let me ask you, “Why do people climb up a mountain, knowing they will climb down? Why do people live, knowing that someday they will die?”

Why should you try to memorize Pi number?

Conquering something is not important than the way you conquer it. To me, memorizing Pi number is a special experience. It not only strengthen my brain but also make me believe that nothing is impossible when you have a possible solution. Just try memorize Pi number and experience a different version of you, with unlimited potential.

Except that you are a genius, there is no way you can memorize thousands digits of Pi number by the old way at school: repetition. You need some memorization techniques and there are lots of them. I’ve tested them all and here are my 2 most favorites memorization techniques.

No.1 – Memorize Pi Number with Rhythm Technique

What is Rhythm Technique? Let’s dig into an example to see how rhythm help you memorize pi number very fast. Suppose that we have to memorize the first eight digits of pi number: 3. 14159265

  • Step 1: Separate the long numbers into smaller parts. E.g. 1, 4, 15, 92, 65…
  • Step 2: Find words that are rhythmic with them
    • 1 – one ~ sounds like “wand”
    • 4 – four ~ “door”
    • 15 – one-five ~ “gun-fire”
    • 92 – nine-two ~ “nice shoes”
    • 65 – six-five ~ “big hive”
  • Step 3: Combine all into one funny story, “Harry Porter used his wand (1) to open the door (4), then there was a gun-fire (15) that destroyed his nice shoes (92), so he had to hide in a big hive (65)”

That’s funny and easy to remember, right? But the most difficult part of this technique is to find the rhythmic words. Don’t worry, just go to and type into the box. That’s done! You will get many words that are rhythmic with the input word.

memorize pi number memorization technique

Now just try this memorization technique with the next eight digits in Pi Number: 35897932. You can split it into groups of two-digits: 35 – 89 – 79 – 32. Then goto and look for “three five – eight nine – seven nine – three two”, what do you find? Don’t forget to comment.

No. 2 – Memorize Pi Number with Numagician System

What is Numagician? It’s the art of drawing things from number. By adding creative strokes to familiar numbers and turn them into cute things, you will make people say wow. Let’s see some examples below.

memorize pi number with number images

I don’t want to brag but… this was invented by me. I’ve spent five years to find things hidden in the numbers then draw them. Now let’s see how fast this system can help you memorize Pi number (or any long numbers).

E.g. we take this sequence of numbers in the Pi Number: 38 46 26 43. In Numagician System: 38 is a wedding ring, 46 is a cannon ball, 26 is a snail and 43 is windsurfing boat.

numagician system to memorize pi number

Now just make a funny story to remember them quickly. E.g., “A ring (38) fire a cannon ball (46) to a snail (26) on the windsurfing boat (43)!” That’s very easy, right?

With Numagician System, you can use it not only for memorizing long numbers (actually, it helped me memorized 512 digits of Pi in less than 2 weeks), but you can also use them as Peg Memory that help you memorize a list of things in order very easily. E.g. You have a long lists of things to remember, just associate the task with the order numbers (I’ll guide you at the end of this article)

Let’s memorize Pi Number!

I strongly believe that with two cool new memorization techniques above, you will conquer the pi mountain very easily. Just separate them into smaller row with sequences of eight numbers. Then spend 15 minutes each day to learn a row, then revise the old ones, you will master it in less than two weeks!

digits of pi - memorize pi number

A special Ebook for You

For 5 years, I’ve spent time for discovering the images hidden in each number from 1 to 100 and wrote an ebook (and also a mobile App) to help you get the most benefit of Numagician system. Just leave your email below then I will send you direct link to a 40-pages ebook that help you active your super memory.

Please note that: I hate spam, too. And if you see the email arrive in promotion tab of Gmail, just move it to the primary box to get more interesting gifts from me.



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Have a good day!
Fususu wrote on 18/08/2018. Updated 20/10/2019.

P.s. To motivate me, you can google this keyword memorize pi number, find my blog there then comment the position. Thank you so much!

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  1. avatar Quy Hoang

    I read your book several year ago and built a similar system. It not only worked but worked wonders! However, I forgot the whole thing after several year without practicing. I has just built a similar system and practicing memorizing long sequences again. This time, I use Japanese wordplay to match numbers to words. If you want to know about it, I wrote a blog post to elaborate on the system here:

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