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Improve Memory Easily by Numagician System...

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If you are looking for the best way to improve your memory, you’re like me 10 years ago. I used to have a goldfish memory, but now I can remember a long number up to 512 digits. The memory system I found will not only help you to improve memory but also very enjoyable to use, it will come to you in a free ebook at the end of this blog. Before that, here is my story…
improve memory by numagician memory system

A few years ago…

In August 2007, I had to deal with tons of books listed in my university curriculum. They were as heavy as bricks and the only hammer I got to break them, was an old memory technique: learning by repetition. Unfortunately, the hammer was broken. My head was about to explode with too many things to learn!

Besides, my memory was so funny. It kept forgetting things that should be remembered and kept remembering things that should be forgotten. Many times I put the key in my pocket, then look for it everywhere. Mobile phones, wallet, ID card… nothing could escape from this goldfish memory symptom.

I must find a way to improve memory easily, for anyone!

With the help of a good friend, Mr. Google, I had read every book I found on how to improve memory. The authors were so great, many of them were world recorders with super memory. Their writings were so inspirational, I was full of motivation. However, I couldn’t apply those memory improvement tips.

To improve memory, many books told me to use my imagination. Speaking of imagination, at that time if you ask me to visualize a beautiful sky in my mind, then all I could see would be a big black universe with no stars. Scale from 1 to 10, my imagination must be minus 1. Those authors, they got talents, not me.

One day, I met an old friend and I was shocked. He used to have a goldfish memory like me. But he could remember names, phone numbers and birthday of over 50 people in his company. I felt so jealous. I might lose to the world memory champion, but not my friend. So my quest to improve memory began, again.

A few years later…

I was surprised by the results. That journey swept out all the limitations I put on myself (and on my memory). In 2011, I became one of the best trainers for the famous course I’m Gifted, So Are You! in Vietnam (from 2011 till the end of 2015). In 2015, I became author of Numagician, an unique book on memory improvement.

I had many speeches on how to improve memory

“I have always considered my memory to be fairly good. But after using the VERY SIMPLE techniques in Numagician, I am capable of memorizing things many people would deem near impossible, with minimal effort. The author provided a child-like way to not only remember all numbers but also in the sequence in which they were presented. I not only tried the exercises, but had my children, ages 8-11-we had them memorized in about fifteen minutes. Numagician is not just for children or adults…it is for anyone and EVERYONE!” ~ Susan Kiley, reviewed on Amazon.

Improve memory to become more confident

When I was 12, I was not able to remember a poem. Now, I can remember a long number up to 512 digits. The memory system I found was so easy that many people can remember like me within two weeks or less. A brain which can recall such a hard thing, will be stronger than an average brain, right?

“I’ve conquered Pi mountain, I’m able to recall all 512 digits of Pi number. I can also remember names and acreages of all provinces in our country. That was an amazing experience!” ~ Ho Trung Hieu, a Trainer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

If you keep reminding yourself, “I’m confident”. Day by day, your confidence may raise a little. However, when you can do something seems impossible at first,  this will skyrocket your confidence. This is not just about memory improvement, it’s also about achieving your goal in a new way: unleash your brain power.

Improve memory to learn faster and funnier

Have you ever been nervous in an exam? You forgot everything at that time, but you can recall anything when the exam was over? I know that feeling. The reason is simple. When you learn something in a hard way, you make your brain hates you. So… it will take a revenge on you! Haha!

“We all need to improve our memory and this book is a great way to help you to do this. It is an easy-to-read book with some great ideas on how to enhance your memory. I have personally started training my mind, using the principles in this book and have tested my memory with amazing results. This is a ‘must have’ book!” ~ Basil Wood, TEFL Teacher and Tutor in South Africa.

How much time do you need to learn by heart a 4-pages document, full of text? Most people need 30 – 45 minutes and not happy to do it. Actually, if you know how to improve memory in a proper way, you will just need half of that time, even less. Moreover, the learning task will be funnier than reading comics.Tôi đã đọc số Pi trước mọi người chính xác tới từng hàng sau một thời gian luyện trí nhớ

Improve memory to change yourself easily!

I read lots of self-help books, enrolled in many self-help courses. They motivated me a lot but after a few days, everything came back to normal. Motivation and wave are alike, it’s come and gone quickly. If you want to change yourself successfully, you need to build good habits, don’t just depend on motivation.

When reading a self-help book, my problem is how to apply them in my daily life. This book has solved that perfectly. Thanks to many tiny habits that the author suggested in this book, I’ve learned all the English words that a students must learn during his high school years. I could never dream of this before!”
~ Vu Thi Hue, a high school student in Hai Phong City

To build a habit successfully, you need to understand how your brain works, especially how it memorizes things. If you can make your brain remember to do something daily, is that a habit? It’s all about memory. So improve memory, improve yourself, improve your life.

Improve memory to overcome laziness and become creative!

Many people used to think that they are not creative, they don’t have good ability to visualize things in their mind, so it’s hard for them to use memory improvement techniques. Actually, when you know how to improve memory in a proper way, you’ll be more creative, the ability to visualize will skyrocket, too.

“I love the images in the book. I’m not good at visualizing or drawing, but the book motivated me to practice more.” ~ Nguyen Le Khanh, Nguyen Tat Thanh Highschool, Yen Bai city, Vietnam.

After boosting my imagination, I found that visualizing goals clearly in your mind would help you overcome laziness and achieve them easily. And an additional effect, any problem that took lots of time before to deal with, now can be solved in minutes with your new interesting ability: thinking in images.

All of this can be achieved easily by
Numagician Memory System.


In 2011, I found a very simple way to improve memory. With this technique, just count from 1 to 10, then you can remember 10-any-things easily: 10 new words, 10 things in a room, 10 main points in a presentation… It was so powerful. Then I thought, why form 1 to 10? Why not 100?

Then I spent the next five years to develop Numagician. It’s the combination of Number and Magician. Just add some creative strokes to the ordinary numbers and turn them into images that make people say “WOW”.

“After reading the book, I practiced drawing Numagicians and made my friends’ eyes wide-open. There is only one word that described your book: It’s AWESOME!” ~ Le Dang Khanh, a primary school student in Ha Noi City.


Not only children, even students and adults love Numagician. It not only boost their creativity, but also help them develop a memory system that enables them to memorize hundreds of things. And everyone can do it! From a 5-years-old child to a 55-years-old man.

I’ve read the book “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything”, there are some memory system as Pao or Rhymth. However, Numagician has made a deep impression on me. It’s easier to use, and also easier to expand and remember everything. A simple, easy-to-read book for anyone wants to improve memory and imagination. ~ Chau Ngoc Tien, from Murdoch University.

Want to improve memory and re-active your super brain power?

Just leave you email, then I will send you a 40-pages ebook. It’s only a small part of Numagician Memory System, but I think it’s enough to make you surprised with your true brain power.

Just relax, the email will be sent to you in a few minutes. Let’s keep talking about how to improve memory.

Again, I must emphasize that if you are looking for the best way to improve memory, you are like me 10 years ago. I’ve searched, read, and applied the best book I found, even enrolled in courses. And do you know what I found? I found this:

If something is hard to remember, the problem is not about ages, nor your brain is getting close to the expiration date. It’s just because you don’t make it easier to remember, before trying to memorize it. With Numagician System, everything can be transform into something easier to remember!

improve memory by numagician system

And if you want to improve your memory (or someone’s memory), if you want to awake the super creative genius inside you (or someone), if you want to build your most-wanted habit successfully (or help someone), this is the chance to start again. Please allow yourself to try this book, and tell me your inspiring story!

Now, not only just an ebook.

After many years of development, the product has transformed a lot. At first, it was just an ebook. Now you have the chance to own the whole package with lots of tools. Not only ebook, you will also have Video Clips, and mobile App (Now it’s just iOS version, but you’ll get the Android version soon)


Many people spent hundreds of dollars to enrolled in my seminars to get these information in Numagician, so the ebook is very valuable. You can buy a Kindle version on Amazon for 6.99$ or App Version included ebooks, videos and mini-games for 7.99$ on AppStore.

That price is as cheap as a good USB! Please remember that an USB may be broken or be affected by Virus, but these valuable knowledge may stay in your mind forever and transform it into the most valuable tool for your success, for your happiness. So keep calm, and give it a try, you won’t reget, I swear!

Below are the real testimonials of readers all over the world, you can spend time reading to understand how Numagician will help you. Of course, you can leave a comment after enjoying the masterpiece. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave me a message here.



You can wait for to get the hidden content, or just share to see it now. Sharing is the key to succeed!


Have a good day!
Fususu wrote on 18/08/2018. Updated 17/10/2019.

P.s. To motivate me, you can google this keyword improve memory, find my blog there then comment the position. Thank you so much!

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