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How To Make People Laugh Diary | Day #3 | Adam and Eva...


Today, we meet again in my How To Make People Laugh Diary. We’ll talk about… today, because today was such a great day, I made my classmates laugh a lot. After walking for 25 minutes, I finally arrived at my English speaking class as usual. Our teacher, Mr. Sonar, separated the class into two teams, then we played an interesting word game.

the secret on how to make people laugh

The rule is simple: The teacher will start by saying a random letter, then each team member will add a new letter to it, on a passing paper. The group which finds out a meaningful word first, will be the winner.

To explain the rule for us, Mr. Sonar started with the letter “B”, he asked the girl sitting next to me wrote letter A on the paper, then pass the paper to the next team member. He wrote N, it continued like that. etc,…

Finally, we had the word BANANA and Mr. Sonar wrote it on the board. That was a new game to me, a very interesting one. Then, I found a chance to make people laugh when Mr. Sonar asked each team to think about a name.

“What’s your team name?” Mr. Sonar asked my team.
No one answered. So I just pointed finger at the board. Everyone laughed.

I got the first point. So my team name was BANANA, the other team was APPLE. We lost in that game, but we had a really good time.

Next, Mr. Sonar let us talk about family tree, as our topic today.

He drew a diagram and described the relations between people in a family. I learned lots of useful words. Such as a nuclear family, a family which has only a couple and one child, twins, siblings, relatives, fiance, fiancee, etc,…

“Above you, we have your parents.” Mr. Sonar asked. “Then above your parents, we have grandparents. So what’s above your grandparents?”
I realized the chance to make people laugh right away. I said, “Adam, and Eva?”

As I guessed, the class really laughed aloud. I got the second point today.

Next, Mr. Sonar asked. “Okay, we have cousins here. Your uncle, your ant. So how do you call a person who get married to your uncle?”
It was another chance to make people laugh, I said. “My… uncle’s wife!”

The whole class laughed again. I got the third point. Such a great day, with lots of laughs!

So How To Make People Laugh?

The first event, you can see that I didn’t say anything, just pointed my finger at the board and made them laugh. Why? Because they were surprised. Sometimes, some simple-as-studid things or ideas, will make people laugh like that.

As you can see, this happened again at the third event, when everyone was thinking of a complex word to describe someone married to your uncle, I just said “My uncle’s wife.” Stupid, simple, but people laughed.

About the second one, I think they laughed because of my answer was totally unexpected. Most people would think about grand grand parents or something, but they won’t get that far like me. I went to the root of the family tree: Adam & Eva.

So, that was today. See you in the next entry of How To Make People Laugh Diary!

What is “How To Make People Laugh Diary”?

As an introvert, making people laugh is not an easy task for me, so I decided to start this funny diary. I wrote about everything I did, I said, in my life, that really made people laugh. I hope it will make you laugh, too. Let’s bring smiles to this world, and make it a better place to live, and enjoy!

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Have a good day!
Fususu wrote 22/10/2019. Updated 22/10/2019.

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  1. Nguyễn Thành Tân

    so interesting for your blog, im a introvert too, so hard to make people around me laught. Thanks for your story, i have learned something on it

  2. Mai Hau

    Thank you very much. I was smiling when I read your stories. hiii