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How To Make People Laugh Diary | Day #2 | October 20...

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Actually, this How To Make People Laugh Diary entry is not about today. It’s about the first day at my English speaking class, where we met Mr. Solar, a nice teacher from French.

how to make people laugh woman day

“Can you tell me some special days in Vietnam,” Solar asked.
“Tet holidays,” someone answered.
“October 20,” a girl said.
“Oh,” Solar asked. “What made that day special?”
“It’s women’s day in Vietnam,” she said.
“Okay,” Solar asked. “What’s going on that day?”
“Um,” I said. “Men work harder.”

The whole class laughed. I got one point.
“What?” Solar asked. “What do you mean?”
“Women become bosses!” I replied.

The whole class laughed louder. I got another point.

How to make people laugh exactly?

Let’s dig into that situation. The reason they laughed is simple. I read somewhere, they said that humor breaks the old connections of neurons in our mind. My answer did that thing.

When talking about October 20, most people will think of women first. My answer is focus on men, and it’s also telling the truth, in a funny way. So, telling the truth, in a funny way, is also a golden tip that makes people laugh.

Again, when I said “Women become bosses”. It’s another truth of “Women become more important on that day.”

Did you laugh when reading this blog?

If yes, that’s good. If not, it’s okay. Because make people laugh by writing, is harder than speaking. See you in the next entry of my How To Make People Laugh Diary.

What is “How To Make People Laugh Diary”?

As an introvert, making people laugh is not an easy task for me, so I decided to start this funny diary. I wrote about everything I did, I said, in my life, that really made people laugh. I hope it will make you laugh, too. Let’s bring smiles to this world, and make it a better place to live, and enjoy!

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Have a good day!
Fususu wrote on 20/10/2019. Updated 20/10/2019.

P.s. To motivate me, you can google this keyword make people laugh, find my blog there then comment the position. Thank you so much!

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  1. avatar Hoai

    I laughed very much when i read this blog. Thank you ^^

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