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If English is your mother tongue, you are so lucky. It won’t take you years to study English like me, or like any of millions Asian students. However, you may need to learn some other foreign languages and encounter the same difficulties like us. After many years strugging with English, I found an accelerated learning technique to learn English grammar structures quickly, it also works with other language as well.

Why do we need to learn common English grammar structures by an accelerated learning technique?

First, why do we need to learn common English grammar structures? The reason is very clear. They are common. You will meet them not only in daily life, but also in your English examination. That’s why there are so many books on common phrases and structures.
These books are good, but not the best. Why? Because our brain is funny. Suppose that you’ve read 10 English grammar structures, it will forget 3 of them after a few hours, then it will forget almost of them on the next day. That’s why you need an accelerated learning technique, to impress your brain, to memorize better.

The secret accelerated learning technique to study any English grammar structure.

What is the common way to learn English grammar structures? I was taugh in school that the only way to learn everything is by repetition. I remember my teacher asked me to write and rewrite this structure for hundreds of time: S be Adj that S V … and guess what, I still forgot it in the exam!

When researching on accelerated learning techniques, I found that our brain stores information in images. Just spend a few seconds to think about your most wonderful time. Does some images pop out in your mind? Or let’s talk about a red elephant. Do you see the word “elephant” in your mind, or an image of an elephant?

So if we want to memorize better, we should turn it into funny images. How can we do it with English grammar structures? Just try to make a funny and rhythmic sentences for them. Let’s make them become uncommon! That’s the secret accelerated learning technique. Now let’s see it in action! (Don’t worry about the Vietnamese instruction at the beginning, the whole audio is in English)

thuộc nhanh cấu trúc tiếng anh theo cách thú vịWhen looking at the image and the funny rhythmic sentence above, I swear I’ll never forget this English grammar structure: Something… SO… THAT… Something. Besides, this way is extremely useful when you need to study English grammar structure with special abverb.

For example, if I need to learn “Work Against the clock to do something” means something needs to be done quickly, and “work Torward Noun” means trying to do something, I just need to create these two funny sentences below.

“I’m working against the clock to lock the fox in the box again”

“The wizard worked toward the last castle despite the hazard”

Of coures, it will take you time to create those funny rhythmic sentence, but it’s worth. And don’t worry, you have this powerful tool if you use this way to conquer English grammar structures. Just visit and type the a word, the you will get many rhythmic words from the input.

memorize pi number memorization technique

A great accelerated learning technique demonstration – 100 common English grammar structures with funny rhythmic examples.

To save your time, I had selected most 100 common English grammar structures in daily life and in exam, and created funny and rhythmic sentence for you. Just watch the clip below and I assure that you will remember lots of English grammar structures hidden behind those funny sentences.


A note: Watching that clip just one time cannot make you remember them all, but at least it will make English funnier and easier to learn. You should download the clip to rewatch it for several times. Besides, I also make PDF and Mp3 Version for your convenience. Just leave your email, then I’ll send you direct links to download.

You’ve got this free doesn’t mean it takes me nothing to create it. If you find it helpful, please share this Blog, please apply this accelerated learning technique to make your English (or any language you like) become your… father tongue. And if you like a good source on language learning, I recommend the book below.

language instinct - an accelerated learning technique



You can wait for to get the hidden content, or just share to see it now. Sharing is the key to succeed!


Have a good day!
Fususu wrote 18/08/2018. Updated 17/10/2019.

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